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Ideal Gas Law Problems

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The density of sea water is 1.03 g/mL. What mass of seawater would fill a vessel to a volume of 255 mL?

Posted by Andrew Gomez 9 months ago

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An ocean dwelling dinosaur has an estimated body volume of 1.38 x 106^6 cm3^3. The animals's live mass was estimated at 1.24 x 106^6 g. What is its density?

A student collected a gas in an apparatus connected to an open end manometer. The difference in heights of mercury in the two columns was 102 mm and the atmospheric pressure was measured to be 756 mmHg. What was the pressure of the gas in the apparatus in atm?

A sample of nitrogen has a volume of 883 mL and a pressure of 741 torr. What pressure will change the volume to 655 mL at the same temperature?

What will be the final pressure of a sample of nitrogen with a volume of 955 mL at 745 torr and 25 ^{\circ}C if it is heated to 62 ^{\circ}C and given a final volume of 1155 mL?