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Physics 2: Magnetism

Determine the direction of the magnetic force acting on the proton or electron in each situation below.



A straight wire carries a current of 30 A in the north direction. Find the magnetic field 3.0 m directly below the wire.

Two long straight parallel wires are separated by a distance of 25 cm. One is carrying a current of 2 A, the other 4 A (the currents are aimed in the same direction) . What is the magnetic field, B\vec{B} at a point directly in the middle of the wires?

Three long wires parallel to the x axis carry currents as shown below. If I = 20 A, what is the magnetic field at the origin (magnitude and direction) ?

The picture below depicts a wire carrying a current I = 25.0 A. The shape of the wire is two combined arcs with r1_1 = 9.0 cm and r2_2 = 6.0 cm. Find the magnetic field at the center of the arcs (in blue).

An electron is accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 1200 V. It then enters a region where a magnetic field of 80 μ\muT is oriented perpendicular to the electrons motion. What is the radius of the electron's motion in the magnetic field?