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LC Circuit

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A 50 μ\muF capacitor is charged to 12V and then connected across a 60 mH inductor. What is the maximum current that will flow in the circuit?

Posted by Kim Miller 9 months ago

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In the circuit below, the switch sw has been open for a long time. At t = 0, the switch closes. Write, as a function of time for t > 0:

B. the energy in the inductor

A LC circuit consists of a 10 mH inductor and a 1 microfarad capacitor. If the maximum instantaneous current is 0.1 A, what is the greatest potential difference across the capacitor?

Before the switch is closed, the capacitor is uncharged and all currents are zero.

B. A long time after the switch is closed, find the voltage drop across and the current through the capacitor, inductor, and resistor.

What are the maximum voltage drops across each element? What is the average power dissipated in the circuit?