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Chemical Equilibrium

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Determine how the following changes will effect the concentrations of the reactants and products.

2 NO2_2 (g) \leftrightharpoons N2_2O4_4 (g) \triangleH = -58 kJ

A. Addition of N2_2O4_4

B. Removal of NO2_2

C. Increase in volume

D. Decrease in temperature

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Related Problems

A 1 L reaction vessel contains 2.5 mol A, 3 mol B, and initially 0 C. Find the concentrations of all species at equilibrium.

A + 2B \leftrightharpoons 3 C , KC_C = 0.25

Find the equilibirium concentrations when starting with 0.50 M H2_2 and 0.50 M Br2_2

H2_2 + Br2_2 \leftrightharpoons 2 HBr , KC_C = 143

0.20 M I2_2 is placed in a reaction vessel. Find the concentrations of I2_2 and I at equilibrium.

I2_2 (g) \leftrightharpoons 2 I (g) , KC_C = 3.8 x 105^{-5}

heat + 2 NO2_2(g) \leftrightharpoons N2_2O4_4(g)

Which of the following changes will not be effective in increasing the amount of N2_2O4_4? (more than one answer may be chosen)

a decrease in volume, an increase in heat, an addition of N2_2, or removal of N2_2O4_4