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Titration Problems

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Find the pH of the buffer solution consisting of 0.100 M HONH2_2 and 0.100 M HONH3+_3^+ (Kb_b of HONH2_2 = 1.1 x 108^{-8}), after .02 moles HCl is added to the buffer solution? (assume the final volume of the solution is 1 L)

Posted by Sara Robertson 8 months ago

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Rank the following in terms of acidity: HClO, IOH, and HBrO. Explain the trend.

Rank the following in terms of acidity: HClO, HClO2_2, HClO3_3, HClO4_4. Explain the trend.

10.00 mL of an unknown H2_2CO3_3 solution is titrated with 0.0500 M NaOH and it requires 15.67 mL to reach the end point. What is the concentration of the H2_2CO3_3 ?

H2_2CO3_3 + 2 NaOH \longrightarrow Na2_2CO3_3 + 2 H2_2O

Sketch the titration curve for 50.0 mL 0.1 M HCl, Ka_a = 1.8 x 105^{-5} with 0.1 M NaOH. Include points on your graph for the initial pH, the pH at half way to the equivalence point, the pH at the equivalence point and the pH after the equivalence point.