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Conjugate Acid Base Pairs

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Hydrogen bromide is a gas at room temperature. It is soluble in water, forming hydrobromic acid. Identify the conjugate acid-base pairs.

HBr (aq) + H2_2O (l) \longrightarrow

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Rank the following in terms of acidity: HClO, IOH, and HBrO. Explain the trend.

Rank the following in terms of acidity: HClO, HClO2_2, HClO3_3, HClO4_4. Explain the trend.

Ammonia is a pungent gas at room temperature. Its main use is in the production of fertilizers and explosives. It is very soluble in water. It forms a basic solution that is used in common products, such as glass cleans. Identify the conjugate acid-base pairs in the reaction between aqueous ammonia and water.

NH3_3 (aq) + H2_2O (l) \longrightarrow

Predict the products for the following reaction

KHSO3_3 + NH3_3 \leftrightharpoons ?

KHSO3_3 has Kaa = 6.2 x 108^{-8} Kbb = 1.0 x 104^{-4}

NH3_3 has Kaa = 7.8 x 1013^{-13} Kbb = 1.8 x 105^{-5}