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General Chemistry 1

What is the chemical formula for copper (II) acetate?

What is the IUPAC chemical name for the following polyatomic ion, Ca(BrO2_2)2_2 ?

What is the chemical name for V3_3(PO4_4)4_4 ?

What is the chemical name for the following compound, V(SiO3_3)2_2 ?

What is the IUPAC name for VS2_2 ?

Name the following molecule, N2_2S3_3

What is the IUPAC name for the following molecule, Cl3_3Se5_5

What is the chemical name for KrCl5_5 ?

What is the chemical name of N2_2O ?

Balance the following chemical equation,

Al + Fe3_3N2_2 \longrightarrow AlN + Fe

What is the molar mass of NaCl \cdot 2 H2_2O ?

A white powder used in paints, enamels and ceramics has the following percentage composition: Ba (69.6%), C (6.09%), and O (24.3%). What is the empirical formula?

The nuclear power industry extracts 6^6Li but not 7^7Li from natural samples of lithium. As a result, the average molar mass of commercial samples of lithium is increased. The current abundace of the two isotopes are 7.42% and 95.58% respectively, and the masses of their atoms are 9.968 x 1024^{-24} g and 1.165 x 1023^{-23} g. What is the current molar mass of a natural sample of lithium?

N2_2 + 3 H2_2 \longrightarrow 2 NH3_3

How many grams of hydrogen are needed to produce 68 g of ammonia? (molar mass of NH3_3 = 12.031 g/mol, the molar mass of H2_2 = 2.015 g/mol)

2 Al + Fe2_2O3_3 \longrightarrow Al2_2O3_3 + 2 Fe

An operation requires at least 86.0 g of Fe to be produced. What is the minimum mass in grams of Fe2_2O3_3 necessary to produce the desired amount of products? How much Al2_2O3_3 is produced as a side product?

MM of Fe2_2O3_3 = 159.489 g/mol

MM of Al2_2O3_3 = 101.961 g/mol

What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 1.461 g of NaCl in 250.0 mL of water? (MM of NaCl = 58.443 g/mol)

Write the molecular equation and then the net ionic equation for the neutralization of HNO3_3 by KOH in aqueous solution.

Write the complete, ionic, and net ionic equations for the reaction of NH3_3with HNO3_3 .

An ocean dwelling dinosaur has an estimated body volume of 1.38 x 106^6 cm3^3. The animals's live mass was estimated at 1.24 x 106^6 g. What is its density?

A student collected a gas in an apparatus connected to an open end manometer. The difference in heights of mercury in the two columns was 102 mm and the atmospheric pressure was measured to be 756 mmHg. What was the pressure of the gas in the apparatus in atm?