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Kirchhoff's Current Law

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How much current flows through the 3 Ω\Omega resistor? The 4.5 Ω\Omega resistor? What is the value of Σ\Sigma?

Posted by Kim Miller 8 months ago

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What are the charges and voltage drops across each capacitor?

What is the total energy stored by the 36 μ\muF capacitor?

If the potential difference across the 20 μ\muF capacitor is 12 V. What is the potential difference supplied by the battery? How much energy is stored in the 25 μ\muF capacitor?

A circuit has the following R = 10 kΩ\Omega, C = 25 μ\muF, ϵ\epsilon = 12 V.

How long will it take to charge the capacitor, C, to 10 V ?

How much current is flowing in the circuit at that time?