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Induced Current

A circular loop of wire is moving downwards towards a magnet as shown below. Find the direction of the induced current (viewed from above) as:

A. the loop approaches the north pole

B. the loop moves past the south pole

Posted by Rick Weaver 8 months ago

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As a steel guitar string vibrates, the component of the magnetic field perpendicular to the area of a pickup coil nearby is given by B(t) = 50 mT + (3.20 mT) Sin (1046π\cdot\pit). The circular pickup coil has 30 turns, a radius of 2.70 mm, and a resistance of 0.10 Ω\Omega. What is the magnitude of the maximum current induced in the coil?

A square coil, with dimensions l = 12.0 cm, w = 7.0 cm, is placed d = 3.0 cm above a wire that carries a current of 30.0 A. Find the magnetic flux through the wire.

A conductive ring is falling through a magnetic field as shown below.

A. Sketch the direction of the induced current at each location

B. Where is the induced current the greatest?

Find the direction of the induced current in the resistors.


The magnet is being pulled away in the direction of the arrow


When the current, I, is increasing with time.