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Application of Gauss Law

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A very long cylindrical insulator with a radius of 30 cm has a volumetric charge density of -80 nCm2\frac{nC}{m^2}. What is the volume of the electric field a distance of 10 cm away from the center? 30 cm from the center? 50 cm from the center?

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Two point charges, q1_1 = 6Q and q2_2 = -2Q, are separated by a distance, d. The attractive force between these two particles is 20 N. If the distanced is halved, so d2_2 = d/2, what is the new force between the particles?

Two metal spheres are charged, q1_1 = 6Q and q2_2 = -2Q, and are separated by a distance d. The attractive force between these two spheres is 20 N. The metal spheres are then brought together so they are touching, and then separated again a distance d. What is the new charge on the metal spheres and what is the new force between them?

Two objects, whose charges are +3 nC and -2 nC, are separated by 1.0 mm. Find the magnitude of the attractive force that either charge exerts on the other.

In the figure below, L = 1.0 mm, q1_1 = +3 nC, q2_2 = -2 nC, and q3_3 is +4 nC. Find the magnitude and direction of the net electrostatic force on q3_3