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Swimming Current Physics

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A swimmer can swim with a velocity of 1.0 m/s in still water. The swimmer wishes to swim directly across a river with a current of 0.50 m/s directed from upstream to downstream. To end up directly across the river the swimmer must head at what angle?

SOLUTION MISSING: Unfortunately the author of this youtube video removed their content. You may be able to find a similar problem by checking the other problems in this subject. If you want to contribute, leave a comment with the link to your solution.
Posted by Jake Hudson 8 months ago

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In a rescue attempt, a hovering helicopter drops a life preserver to a swimmer being swept downstream by a river current of a constant velocity v. The helicopter is at a height of 9.8 m. The swimmer is 6.0 m upstream from a point directly under the helicopter when the life preserver is released. It lands 2.0 m in front of the swimmer. How fast is the current flowing? Neglect air resistance.

13.7 m/s

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2.8 m/s

A river is 300 m wide and the water flows downstream, exactly south, at 4 m/s. If a swimmer, moving at exactly 6 m/s, attempts to swim across the river:

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