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Projectile Motion Problems

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A stone is thrown off the top of a building from a height of 40.0 m. The stone has a launch of angle of 30 degrees and an initial velocity of 200 m/s.

How long is the stone in flight?

How far from the base of the building does it travel?

At what velocity, and at what angle, does the stone impact the ground?

Posted by Jake Hudson 8 months ago

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A ball is thrown off a building. If the ball is thrown up at 5 m/s and lands 3 seconds later

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A key falls from a bridge that is 45 m above the water. It falls directly onto a model boat moving with constant velocity that is 12 m in front of the point of impact when the key is released. What is the speed of the boat?

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An artillery shell is fired with an initial velocity of 110 m/s at an angle of 30above the horizontal. Find:

Its position and velocity after 6 s

The time required to reach its maximum height

The horizontal distance (range)