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Frictional Force

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Hercules and Carlos horizontally push in the same direction on a 1200 kg crate. Hercules pushes with a force of 500 N and Carlos pushes with a force of 300 N. If a frictional force provides 200 N of resistance, what is the acceleration of the crate?

1.3 m/s2

1.0 m/s2

0.87 m/s2

0.75 m/s2

0.5 m/s2

SOLUTION MISSING: Unfortunately the author of this youtube video removed their content. You may be able to find a similar problem by checking the other problems in this subject. If you want to contribute, leave a comment with the link to your solution.

Posted by Jake Hudson 9 months ago

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An Object with mass m and initial velocity v is brought to rest by a constant force F acting for a time t and through a distance d. Possible expressions for the magnitude of the force F are: i. mv22d\frac{mv^2}{2d} ii. 2mdt2\frac{2md}{t^2} iii. mvt\frac{mv}{t}

ii only

iii only

i and ii only

ii and iii only

i, ii, and iii

A toy car of mass 6 kg moving in a straight path, experiences a net force given by the function F = -3t. At time t=0, the car has a velocity of 4 m/s in the positive direction and is located +8 m from the origin. The car will come instantaneously to rest at time t equal to

2/3 s

sqrt( 4/3 ) s

sqrt( 8/3 ) s

sqrt( 8) s

4 s

Two sleds are attached by a rope and are being pulled by an applied force, Fa= 100 N. There is 40 N of frictional force opposing movement on each sled. Draw a free body diagram to help find:

Determine the acceleration and the value of the normal force. Draw a free body diagram.

M = 10kg, θ\theta = 30 degrees