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Oxidation State

Determine the oxidation state of S in Na2_2SO4_4

Posted by Andrew Gomez 9 months ago

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Assign oxidation numbers for the species below. Determine which species is the oxidizing agent and which is the reducing agent. Which species is being oxidized? Which species is being reduced?

Cr3+^{3+} + Pb \longrightarrow Cr + Pb2+^{2+}

Balance the redox reaction below

Sn + Ag+^+ \longrightarrow Sn2+{^2+} + Ag

The following reaction takes place under acidic conditions. Assign oxidation numbers and balance the oxidation reduction reaction using the half reaction method.

HNO3_3 + Fe2+^{2+} \longrightarrow Fe3+^{3+} + NO2_2

Balance the following redox reaction given acidic conditions, using the half reaction method.

S(s)+NO2+(aq)SO2(aq)+NO(g)S (s) + NO_2^+ (aq) \longrightarrow SO_2^- (aq) + NO (g) .