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Stoichiometry Practice

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2 Na + Cl2_2 \longrightarrow 2 NaCl

How many grams of Cl2_2 are needed to react completely with 12.0 g of Na?

Posted by Andrew Gomez 8 months ago

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H2_2SO4_4 + 2 KOH \longrightarrow 2 H2_2O + K2_2SO4_4

How many moles of KOH are requred to make 3.0 moles of K2_2SO4_4 ?

N2_2 + 3 H2_2 \longrightarrow 2 NH3_3

If 5 moles of N2_2 react with excess H2_2 how many moles of NH3_3 will the reaction yield?

The theoretical yield for a reaction is 627.0 g of SF6_6. An experiment only yields 627.8g. What is the percent yield?

P4_4 + 5 O2_2 \longrightarrow 2 P2_2O5_5

Starting with 8.00 g P4_4 and 8.00 g of O2_2, how many grams of P2_2O5_5 will the reaction yield?