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Add binary strings

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Given two binary strings a and b, return their sum as a binary string. ie "01" and "10" as strings add to "11"

public class Solution {
    public String addBinary(String a, String b) {
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
        int i = a.length() - 1, j = b.length() -1, carry = 0;
        while (i >= 0 || j >= 0) {
            int sum = carry;
            if (j >= 0) sum += b.charAt(j--) - '0';
            if (i >= 0) sum += a.charAt(i--) - '0';
            sb.append(sum % 2);
            carry = sum / 2;
        if (carry != 0) sb.append(carry);
        return sb.reverse().toString();

Posted by Jamie Meyer 3 months ago

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