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What is is a searchable index of practice problems and their solutions found on the internet. Originally designed to improve search results for math and science problems, now intends to create an entire platform for learning. There are many brilliant video creators making content that will never be seen by their target audience. Meanwhile there is an unfortunate trend of video platforms and search engines preferencing entertainment and clickbait over quality and relevance. One can imagine reading a textbook preparing for an exam, focused on a difficult topic, when without notice the words on the page vanish. The entire page is replaced by the most possibly distracting, perfectly targeted, fine tuned advertisement imaginable. Something similar to this is the reality facing any student who wishes to use the internet as a study aid today and is the problem that intends to solve.

How to Submit Problems

Signed in users can create and submit problems to be added to the index.

  • Click the "Add Problem" icon on the right side of the header to be taken to the problem creation interface.add problem screencapedit page screencap
  • Give your new problem a title
  • In the sidebar, select the Course and Subject your problem will be listed underedit page screencap
  • Click the "Select Order" button in the sidebar to choose where in the listings the new problem should appear. This will show a list of the current problems in the course and subject. Select the problem you want your problem to appear after. Our goal is to have problems listed in a similar order as one would expect at the end of a chapter in a textbook, that is similar problems grouped together with increasing difficulty.edit page screencap
  • Add your question to the "Question Block" which will already be present on the edit page. The content of this block will be used for the listing pages and will also appear on the individual problem page.
  • Add any blocks you wish for the solution to the problem. This content will appear on the individual problem page. The most common block is a timestamped youtube embed but you may add any supported videos, images or text.edit page screencapedit page screencap
  • Save the problem by clicking the Publish button in the sidebar. It may take up to a minute for your changes to sync with the website and up to 24 hours to appear in searches.edit page screencap